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Professional Growth

human pyramid to the sunYouTube for Educators: Video tutorials, an excellent resource for new learning.

Alan November is a leading mind in 21st century education.

Staff Development: Videos that provide an engaging, easy, and free form of professional development. A MUST SEE!

Changing Education Paradigms by Sir Ken Robinson created this important work that board members and teachers should evaluate. We must engage our children!

Daniel Pink - Flip Thinking: This article about how classwork becomes homework and homework becomes classroom.

Students view and reflect on content videos before the lecture.

Web Literacy

This is an area that we take for granted and do not spend enough time training our staff to teach. We must teach our students to be evaluators of web information.

Web ToolsResearch a domain: Students receive help in researching who owns a domain, which is important in evaluating web information.

Responsible Posting : Teaches students to be responsible with posting web content.

Access information about specific topics that "Google" may not find such as blogs.

Organization: Diigo saves bookmarks and content about that bookmark. Aslo allows for tagging and organization of your bookmarks. Teaches students to organize research.

Instructional Tools

Make the internet work for teachers. Free resources to engage students.

people discussingStudent Contributions: Students feel empowered and learn when asked to contribute to the global knowledge base through wikipedia.

Homework Hotline: Great resource for parents and students for help with homework. Grades 6-8.

Podcasting: Elementary students teaching how to make a podcast.

Math taught by kids to kids with video and audio.

Computation search engine: Equation solution and steps that students can use to practice or change variables.There is also an available App on smart phones.

Khan Academy: Free lectures (1600 free tutorials) that can be used for reference or remediation by students. There is also an available App on smart phones.

Polling Groups: Polleverywhere is the easiest way to gather live responses in any venue. It can be used in conferences, presentations, classrooms, radio, TV, print - anywhere!