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To collaborate and help transform schools to meet
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Successful Referendum

While superintendent at Oregon Davis School Corporation, Dr. Disney led a successful referendum. He led all levels of the process, and the referendum passed with a **%. He is prepared to help lead other school systems to use their own talents and resources to run their own local referendum.

Here are some news briefs of the Oregon Davis referendum:

Oregon Davis taxpayers asked to pay more.

Voters overwhelmingly support Oregon Davis tax referendum.

Dr. Disney's Philosophy

As an educational leader, a superintendent, my personal mission in leadership is to work on behalf of children, to lead a system in overcoming the difficult challenges, and to deliver excellence in educational programming for students and the community.

The strength of my leadership is based upon vision and relationships. If you would call those that have worked with me as a principal and a superintendent and asked, "how did Steve treat people and what type of leadership did he offer?"

They would tell you I invest in people and treat people with respect. I understand the power of relationship building and have consistently provided visionary leadership throughout my educational career.

We must engage students, parents, employees, business leaders, politicians, and government leaders in supporting our efforts. We need to develop a sense of urgency and build a collective support from all stakeholders to make financial and professional investments for successful program implementation.

Relationships serve as the foundation for building greatness and vision comes from those that dare to dream.